UniPDF Package Overview

The UniPDF Library contains multiple of packages. The most frequently used packages are:

  • common: Provides common shared types such as Logger and utilities to check license validity.
  • core: The core package defines the primitive PDF object types and handles the file reading I/O and parsing the primitive objects.
  • model: The model package builds on the core package, to represent the PDF as a structured model of the PDF primitive types. It has a reader and a writer to read and process a PDF file based on the structured model. This serves as a basis to perform a number of numerous tasks and can be used to work with a PDF in a medium to high level interface, although it does require an understanding of the PDF format and structure.
  • creator: The PDF creator makes it easy to create new PDFs or modify existing PDFs. It can also enable loading a template PDF, adding text/images and generating an output PDF. It can be used to add text, images, and generate text and graphical reports. It is designed with simplicity in mind, with the goal of making it easy to create reports without needing any knowledge about the PDF format or specifications.
  • extractor: Package extractor is used for quickly extracting PDF content through a simple interface. Currently offers functionality for extracting content such as getting the PDF contents as text, extracting tables from PDF and extracting all images from a PDF.
  • render: Package render facilitates rendering PDF to an image output, for example can be used to display a PDF or convert to images.