How to generate a metered API key?

Generating Metered API Key

This article discusses how to create a Metered API key that can be used for all UniDoc libraries.

Login to UniCloud Panel

Go to the website.
If the login form would show up type your credentials and click on the login button. 
If you don’t have a UniCloud account yet, please follow the instruction on the UniCloud Signup article.

Generate Metered API Key

Once you’re logged in click on the  Key icon on the left options panel.

You should see a dashboard with all your API Keys. If you’re going to generate your first key then you should see a table with the information No data found

Click on the + Add API Key button. 

Provide a human-readable name for your API Key. This name might be useful if you want to see the statistics of usage for a given API Key.

Once you save your API Key - you should see a message that would contain your secret API Key.
WARNING: This information is shown only once. Be sure to copy the content of the API Key and place it in your safe repository.
API metered license can only be used with UniPDF version 13.19.1 and above.

Metered license API Keys requires read-write permission to $HOME directory for storing 
API Keys usage by default.
You can set the `HOME` environment variable to another directory if you wish.
Congratulations, you’ve just created your API Key. 
Using the metered API key
To get started using the metered license key see an example at our GitHub Example Repository