What Information Should be Provided when Contacting UniDoc Support?

UniDoc support is always here when you need it. There are many ways you can contact the UniDoc support team. If you are not a customer, you can contact the support team by emailing us at support@unidoc.io. From there on, you will be contacted back by one of our support team members.

If you are our customers, you can log in to our Service Desk channel or drop an email to the ServiceDesk channel to open a support case in our ServiceDesk portal.

If you are one of our customers and don't have access to our Service Desk, please drop an email to support@unidoc.io and share the name and email address of you and your team members who should have access to UniDoc's Service Desk Portal.

For every support case you open with UniDoc, our developers need some of the basic information to start troubleshooting and to provide you the timely and quick support. Key requirements for the support case are:

  • Please describe your use case in detail. What do you want to achieve?
  • Share the run-able self-contained main.go file.
  • Attach the input file(s), if passing for processing.
  • Any error screenshots/error details or error logs.

Providing this basic information while logging the support case will help UniDoc to provide you the better support and timely resolution of your support issues.