Do you offer support?

Yes, we do offer support to our customers. We have a basic support subscription and Priority Support and Custom work package subscription. Priority Support ensures that the client's questions and bug fix requests are responded to promptly, whereas Custom work packages enable focusing on adding specific custom features. The Priority Support allows prioritization of issues and custom work on feature requests. Please see our product pricing and select the priority support package as required. 

All our products come with a Basic support tier that solves the most pressing problems as the best effort with unspecified turnaround times. Feel free to contact us and we will discuss your requirements. Additionally, our basic support subscription user(s) get access to our ServiceDesk portal where they can log in to open their support cases and keep track of the progress. You need to send a request of your and/or your team member's email address(es) that needs to be added to the ServiceDesk portal to so that we can enable the portal access.