How does UniOffice use Word templates?

It's relatively easy to use templates and produce functional Word files with UniOffice.

The library is quite well optimized and while testing, it was determined that it can create 10 customized letters following a template in less than ~500ms. This means that a task that might previously take hours to complete can be completed in a matter of seconds using UniOffice. The results and the code used for testing has been discussed in the proceeding section.

The customized documents created using UniOffice have a .docx extension and can be opened using any of the readily available word processors. These documents can then further be edited if required or used as needed.

UniOffice is unique in the Go marketplace, it is the only word processor based on Go Language. There are no direct competitors that provide the same functionality as UniOffice.

You can read more about using templates with UniOffice in our detailed blog post here.